A New Dawn

Midleton Very Rare is an award-winning premium Irish whiskey, produced in the East Cork town of Midleton. Always keen to improve their standing in the whiskey community, Midelton asked Vadim Grigorian to research and develop ideas to reposition the brand as a ‘true high-end brand from Ireland’.

The focus on the presentation was on the strong links between Ireland and literature, therefore choosing a book format to present the findings to the team at Midelton seemed most appropriate. The final prodcur was a 200 page hard cover book, wrapped in different coloured cloths and foiled with a decorative pattern using typographic glyphs – to link back to the idea of language and literature – similar glyph patterns were used throughout the book. The headline font (Garda) was selected because of the many ligatures it offers, allowing for playful typography and the body copy font (Bembo) is regarded as a classic in book typesetting.