Festive Gift Packs

The Art of Blending 
Illustrator MARTIN O’NEILL

Illustrator PHIL WHEELER

The Field of the Cloth of Gold 
Illustrator TOM LANE

Asia Exclusive

Royal Wedding Edition 
Illustrator NABIL NEZZAR

Gifting is a big part of Royal Salute’s business and each year a festive pack is launched to celebrate holidays around the world such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. The design of these packs are informed by stories related to royalty and festivities.

Creation of concepts for pack designs and artist selection. One pack took inspiration from the celebration of unity and peace between the British and French crowns in 1520. Another was inspired by the Royal Masquerade Ball held at the prestigious Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens in London in the 18th century. Closely working with the artists and the production teams to realise these beautifully produced packs as well as creating print and digital campaign imagery that was used globally.

For the Royal Wedding Edition, 70 bottles were made to commemorate the marriage of Prince Henry of Wales to Meghan Markle, inspiration was found for the bottle engraving in a luxurious antique brocade, this was illustrated with the addition of ears of barley and thistles to link to the product and the brand home of Scotland. The bottles were hand engraved by the craftsman at Dartington Crystal, who inlaid the design with silver. Art direction of the box interior, with illustrator Nabil Nezzar who created hand drawn flora and fauna from the United Kingdom and the United States interwoven into a classical lattice design.