Founded in 1998 by Jules Tervoort and Mischa Rozema, PostPanic is a film production company creating work for the advertising, broadcast, retail, and music industries. Over the years, PostPanic has worked with many international agencies and brands including Nike, MTV, ASICS, Google, MINI, McDonalds, Vodafone, TomTom, Coca-Cola, Disney, and Amstel.

In 2019 the company renamed themselves The Panics, to allow for the wider scope of their endeavours, such as long format television and commercial film projects. I was selected to create the new identity. The brief was short and to the point, “We want to look like a band” and given their unorthodox approach to projects I focused on the punk era. The Panics logo uses a condensed sans serif font as a starting point, referencing sleeve artwork for bands like the Buzzcocks as well as film poster credits,  but the letter ‘I’ is given some punk attitude, a kind of digital glitch. A family of logos were then created, each placed inside a circle, to suggest a bass drum. I also designed the website and stationery as well as various promotional materials.