Chivas Brothers_Longmorn

Brand Design / Packaging Design / Motion Design

A complete design overhaul of one of the whisky world’s most revered brands. Longmorn is a highly respected single malt Scotch whisky adored by master blenders, whisky connoisseurs and amateur enthusiasts. 

The project involved creating a new brand identity and design strategy for new packaging for a range of malts. The inspiration for the new look came from the brand’s link to innovation and train travel during the later part of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. The wrought iron work of the majestic stations of the late Victorian era provided a starting point for the boxes and labels and a grid system was developed to allow for flexibility of information and consistency across the range. The arch became a central motif for both the identity and the packaging as well as communication tools.

The creation of new assets such as logotype, brand symbol and brand seal as well as the packaging design including artwork files for production, were supplemented by a host of digital assets created for web and social media to showcase this latest journey in Longmorn’s 130 year history.