Kak Solntse_Like The Sun

Brand Design / Packaging Design

Kak Solntse inspires contemporary artists to create works of applied art, suggesting a reflection on the candle, its utilitarian nature, but also the mystical power of the flame it contains. The energy of fire and its power inspired Balmont, Stravinsky and Roerich, the great artists who made Russian art recognised and popular around the world in the early twentieth century.

The symbol of Kak Solntse is a fiery head with its eyes directed upwards towards the sun. This symbol combines two iconic images from the Silver Age: a fragment of an illustration from the original edition of Konstantin Balmont's poetry collection "Be Like the Sun. The Book of Symbols", published in 1903, and the portrait of Zinaida Gippius by Leon Bakst, painted in 1906.